Cheap Weekend Getaways

Cheap Weekend Getaways

Weekend getaways don’t need to be pricey affairs, complete with elaborate resort rooms and expensive restaurants. Instead, the next time you consider scheduling a romantic weekend away from your home, think about spending those two days hiking in the mountain paradise that is McCurtain County, in Southeastern Oklahoma.


Miles and miles of breathtaking trails await you in the region, with avenues for both novice hikers looking to get a simple stroll and for people who are more experienced, avid trekkers wanting a more challenging hike. Beavers Bend Resort Park is an excellent choice for the budget-minded hiker since it includes Beavers Bend State Park, which provides free admission.


Whichever trail you select, you and your honey will probably be surrounded by nature’s finest. The Ouachita Mountains, which unlike many mountain ranges run east to west, provide stunning views and glimpses of wildlife on the way.


The playground contains seven trails:


South Park Trail


This one-mile course is for its take-it-easy hiker. For the most part, South Park Trail is flat and level but still provides an opportunity to see Bald eagles flying overhead and other wildlife on the way.


Additionally one mile long, this trail is just another one of the novice hiker or people who wish to return to nature, but just for a little while. Like the South Park Trail, it is relatively flat and provides a relaxing walk.


This trail is a little bit more challenging. In 1.5 miles long, the Beaver Creek Crossing Trail includes a couple of steep climbs. This trail is a fantastic choice for people who are just past the beginner hiker.


This trail is a bit more challenging than Beaver Creek Crossing, but still suitable for people who are still not intermediate hikers. At two miles long, the trail contains a few climbs, but they’re not too steep ones.


It contains a lot of steep grades which will be enjoyable for the more serious hiker.


Skyline Trail


This trail is aptly named and is for only the most experienced hikers who will withstand elevation hiking. It is six miles long and contains a whole lot of steep terrain, however, you will find that the climb is well worth the effort when you find the magnificent mountain views from the very best.


The trail begins at the low-water dam in Beavers Bend Lake and then joins with the Beaver Lodge Nature Trail. This trail is well-defined, slim, and filled with steep grades. A multi-purpose, mountain biking trail also runs for four miles, wandering over creek bottoms and along the tops of ridges.


In addition to having a choice of trails to hike in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, you also have a range of choices when it comes to lodging. There are dozens and dozens of affordable cabins to select from tucked in the pines of the Kiamichi Mountains. Beavers Bend Resort Park includes a 40-room lodge, 47 cabins for rent, RV hookups, and sites for tent camping. For inexpensive weekend getaways, look no further than the Beavers Bend State Park region, which is also easily accessible, being just a two to four-hour drive in Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock, and Shreveport.



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