Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration

Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration

The types of refrigerators that are used at home are the most typical example of refrigeration equipment that is used for keeping food and beverages chilled. However, at the same time, commercial refrigeration, which ranges from blast chillers, display freezers to fish refrigerators are also highly in demand. Following is an overview of some particular types of refrigeration options that can be used at commercial venues and their specifications.


Blast Chillers

Blast CHillers are one of the common types of refrigeration equipment that are used at commercial venues. There are numerous types of blast chillers that are available for commercial use.The main purpose that these chillers are used for is to lower down the temperature of food to a great extent or to freeze food really quickly, within no time. Based on claims, a majority of chillers take around 90 minutes to lower the temperature of food from 70°F down to under 3°F. Blast chillers are specially designed to comply with certain food safety and handling rules. Quite a wide diversity of blast chillers are available so when buying one, buyers should make sure that their chosen blast chiller has all the options they require.

Display Freezer

Display freezers and display refrigerators are also one of the most common types of commercial refrigeration option. Generally, convenience stores or grocery stores have this type of freezers and refrigerators to store food items and beverages. These display freezers and refrigerators have see-through doors so customers do not have to open them to look at the items present inside. Often no doors are included in certain types of display refrigerators.


Various food stores often have these display refrigerators in them. Food items stored in the different compartments of these refrigerators are placed within a reachable range and can be directly picked out, which makes them quite convenient. Small sized display freezers and display refrigerators are also available. These small display freezers and refrigerators are generally used for storing drinks or bottled water and can be typically found in grocery stores.


Fish refrigerators


Fish refrigerators are also one of the refrigeration equipment that is generally used at commercial venues such as grocery stores or fish markets. Basically, they are somewhat like typical refrigeration appliances, but they usually have sliding trays so that the fish can be placed over them. The size of these refrigerators should be chosen based on the demand of fish in the grocery store or fish market.

Fish refrigerators are also available in a variety of types that offer a distinct array of options. Since fish need to be kept and stored at proper temperatures, so it is important to ensure that a fish refrigerator that is being purchased will meet these requirements. Even refrigerated fish display cases are also available that make it possible to keep the fish out on display for customers while the temperature of the fishes is effectively maintained.

Bar Refrigerators


There are many types of bar refrigerators such as back bar refrigerators, plate chillers, keg coolers, etc. Bar fridges are ordinarily composed of a dark vinyl or a stainless steel outside to give the under counter bar territory a more streamlined look.


Undercounter Refrigerators


These units work also to upright reach-in units. The main distinction is that they are considerably shorter and they can fit into significantly little spaces. So if your business kitchen needs a unit to store a couple of items that can be utilized on as-required premise then an under counter fridge would be fitting.

For those running some kind of a business setting where refrigeration is fundamental required, these are numerous other business refrigeration alternatives, yet these were among the normal ones.

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